All Products at Competitive Prices Now - Hurry Up!

All Products at Competitive Prices Now - Hurry Up!


Most frequent questions and answers

How to order?

Visit the shop page on the website and select the products that you want to order. Add the product to your cart and make payment through the payment gateway. You would receive your order at the selected date and time.

Is my transaction secure?

All transactions should be secured with SSL protocol. Using SSL helps to encrypt the information so that the card details and all other sensitive data is protected. It improves payment security. Our site is protected by this SSL certificate which makes your payment most secure.

How can I create an account?

You can either use your mail ID to create an account with our websites. Alternatively you can login with your social media like Google and Facebook. We provide a very secure service so you information would be handled with utmost care.

When will I receive my order?

While filling out the checkout form while you place the order, you’ll be asked to fill out a desired date and time for your order. We are working tirelessly with our delivery partners to deliver the items at the date and time you selected. You can track your order from the orders page in the website or the app.

How to get reward points?

Reward points are something which are given to our customers for each and every purchase they made in our store. The points can be accumulated and can be exchanged for items in the shop. For further information about the points system visit : Reward points.

How I can contact you ?

You can contact us through email or phone. We also have a chat feature on our websites and app thorough which you can contact us. We are proud of our 24/7 chat support and would love to help you in each and every step of the way. For further information visit: Contact

How to change my contact details?

Your contact details are available in your billing addresses under My Account Page. If you want to edit them, please go to the specified page and re-enter your details. The link for the page is : Billing address

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